Social Media Content Bundles

If you constantly tweet/share/post photos of your product with your logo stamped all over, like you do with offline press ads, then you’re doing it wrong.

If you constantly pay for Twitter bots to mindlessly tweet your #hashtag just in order to trend, you’re also doing it wrong.

Fascinating, amusing and compelling content is the lifeblood of your social media feeds. This is the only thing that gets you an organic following of people who are willing to hear what you’re saying and to buy what you’re selling. If your social media content doesn’t fascinate or amuse your online audience, then you’re talking to yourself. Your target audience always has more entertaining things to do online other than read your dull tweets.

Social Media is meant to enable a 2-way conversation about your brand between you and your online follower. That conversation only exists if you share content that is compelling enough to get your target audience talking to you.

No two Social Media platforms are the same. Your audience on Facebook will not respond to a particular piece of content the same way your audience on Twitter will. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat all require different approaches to sharing content and we’re hardcore experts at tailoring the kind of content that works best for each of these platforms.

If you hire us, we’ll first develop a Social Media content guideline for you based on existing brand specifications for your business as well as the tone of voice that makes your specific Social Media target audience feel most comfortable. Using this guideline, we’ll build Social Media Content Bundles consisting of short videos, photos, images and text. Content that will make it easier for your target audience to have a conversation with you on Social Media.

All of the content in these Bundles will be aimed at showcasing your product or service in use or in action thereby making it easier for your target audience to visualize how your product or brand can seamlessly fit into their lives. Like we said before, always trying to ‘sell’ to your target audience on Social Media doesn’t work. What works is to consistently show them in different fascinating ways how amazing your product can be for their lives and then allow them sell it to themselves.

You can order Content Bundles for a 2 week period, a 4 week period or a 6 week period.