Short Digital Video Content

Video has become by far the most powerful means of sharing ideas and selling brands on the internet. More and more Nigerians are watching videos online and even more of them are doing so on their mobile phones and devices.

While all the global statistics point to a fast growing consumption of video across the internet, our experience at building digital video content for the Nigerian audience gives us an inside view on the unique opportunities and challenges facing the widespread adoption of online video within Nigeria.

Even though digital video is becoming the most viral and impactful means of pushing brand messaging worldwide, high priced internet data services within Nigeria means that your potential customers are hesitant to use up their phone internet bundles on watching just any online video. Even where the internet service is affordable, it tends to be largely unreliable. There are 2 consequences to this;

  1. Nigerian internet users are less willing to watch videos that don’t come highly recommended by their online friends.
  2. Even when recommended, they tend to favour shorter videos, ranging from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

Essentially, this means that in order for your online brand or product video to get good views, it needs to be both short and sweet.

This is where we come in.

The digital videos that we’ve built for different brands have grossed a cumulative total of over 3 million online views based on viewer sharing alone. We know how to build brand and product videos that people actually want to watch. Just ask GTBank and Etisalat.

Whether you need product demos, explainer stories or branded content videos, we can develop short video content that will give you an unprecedented opportunity to meet your customers on their own playground.

Based on your business and the customers you want to reach, we will develop scripts that speak to your audience and build these scripts into fantastic video content using either animation or live action. Not only are our videos tailored to speak to your specific audience, they’re also affordably tailored to your specific budget.

See more of the fantastic work we’ve done for other businesses like yours here and then send us a mail asking us how we can make one for you.