Mobile Text Messaging Copy-writing and Distribution

Let’s make a guess; you receive at least 10 to 15 unsolicited text messages on your personal phone every day trying to sell you everything from callerback tunes to fresh fish, abi? And these spammy messages irritate you too, abi?

According to the NCC, there are over a 142million active mobile phone lines in Nigeria, yours included. So while this means that text message marketing is a viable method for reaching new customers, it’s also a very saturated platform, as you may have noticed.

Studies show that most of the marketing text messages sent to mobile phone users are quickly deleted without being read. It turns out that people can tell if a message is relevant to them just by quickly glancing at only the first line of an unopened message. If that first line that they see doesn’t prompt them to want to read the rest of that text message, you’ve lost them. And of course, the more irrelevant text messages they see from you over time, the more they learn to delete your messages. At some point, they’ll delete your messages purely by reflex. They won’t even think about it.

So if the mobile messaging platform is already so saturated by spammy messaging, how do you then cut through the noise to reach new customers by Mobile Text Messaging?

The answer is Content. Content that’s valuable and relevant to the phone user that you’re sending it to at that point.

Even with a 160 character limit on mobile messages, we’re very good at crafting and distributing thousands of text messages with very catchy first lines that get potential customers intrigued about your product or service and leave them wanting to know more.

Our unique specialty is the SMS Story Series.

Based on your marketing budget, we craft a series of short and entertaining stories around your product and send them out as text messages to a targeted number of phone users sequentially.

Rather than a random bombardment of unrelated text messages, a phone user we send your Sequential SMS Story to will receive a series of text messages that are all connected by a thematic short story around your brand. This method provides deeper context for recipients of your messages and allows them ‘ease’ into your messaging and even come to look forward to it.

It’s much easier to convert these willing recipients into customers for your products.

You can order SMS Story Series in bundles of 3 messages, 5 messages, 7 messages and 9 messages.