Developing Content to Boost Your Website’s Visibility

This is what is generally referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A lot of digital marketers give the impression that your website’s visibility in search engine results can be artificially engineered with a few well placed clicks here and there. Not so.

The only thing that has been consistently proven to organically give your site the visibility you want, without you spending a trailer-load of money on ads, is content. Searchable content that’s relevant and valuable to your target audience.

Search engines like Google and Bing rank websites in their search results based on how valuable they think the content on these websites is to readers. The more people you have reading and linking to content on your site, the more valuable the search engines think it is. The more valuable the search engine thinks your site is, the higher it ranks it in their search results thereby making it more visible. The more visible your site is, the easier it is for people who search for words related to your business to discover it.

The words that people usually type in whenever they’re searching for info on a subject are referred to as keywords. The more relevant keywords you have intelligently placed in your site content, the hotter your site is regarding that subject.

From time to time, some digital marketers try to cheat on this process by sharing links from a client’s website to lots of dummy websites on the web. When the search engines discover this gimmick, and they usually do, they punish the client’s website by burying it in the search results, making it almost impossible to discover.

Of course by this time, the digital marketer has collected their money and moved on, leaving the website owner with the mess.

You don’t want to be the one in that mess. What you want is to have a website that’s generating good page views and good rankings because your potential customers love the content you share on your site and find it very relevant to their lives.

If you hire us to give your website better search rankings, and we hope you do, here’s what we’ll do for you;

  1. We’ll research the online search habits for the type of people who typically buy the type of product or service you sell.
  2. We’ll highlight the keywords they search for the most that are related to your area of business
  3. We’ll identify the kind of content they habitually prefer to read online
  4. We’ll combine their search habits, their keywords and their preferred reading material to develop a SEO Content Guideline for your site.
  5. Based on this SEO Content Guideline, we will develop SEO Content Bundles for your site. These Content Bundles consist of keyword-rich articles, e-books or infographics that provide relevant and valuable info to your potential customers.
  6. We’ll syndicate and share parts of this content to various websites that your target audience frequently visits with links back to the full content on your own website.

If a bakery business were to order this service, we’d develop SEO Content Bundles that showcases not just her cake products but other topics that would be very relevant to potential customers for her cakes. Customers who’re interested in ordering cakes would likely also be interested in the best methods of preserving their cakes and what type of cake to serve on different occasions. Having relevant content of this nature updated regularly on her website over a given period would go a long way in ensuring that it ranks high in any searches for ‘Cakes’ in her locality.

You can order SEO Content Bundles for your business website for a 4 week period, a 6 week period or an 8 week period.