Crafting Effective Copy for Email Newsletters

What percentage of the email newsletters you send out are opened and read by the people you send them to? 6 percent? 7 percent?

What share of the emails you send out actually get the desired action? 0.5 percent? 1 percent?

What if you could increase the number of people who positively responded to the email newsletters you send out by adjusting your approach a little bit? Would you be willing to take that step?

While email newsletters offer huge sales potential for businesses, there are 3 basic mistakes most businesses make when it comes to sending out newsletters to their subscriber list.

  1. Bad Use of Images: A lot of marketers send out newsletters with great big banner images in the email body while forgetting that most of their Nigerian recipients access their email on low-end smart phones. When the email is opened on these phones, the image usually isn’t loaded by default. This means that all the information that the business marketer wants the recipient to see goes unseen. What an epic waste.
  2. Weak Headlines: They ignore the power of the headline. Like mobile text messaging, the headline of an email goes a long way in determining if it’s open or not. The average email user sees lots of email newsletters every day selling and promising them a whole bunch of stuff, most of them irrelevant. Your headline tells your recipient in 2 seconds or less if the content in your email will be useful and relevant to them or not.
  3. Ineffective Body Copy: The whole point of sending your subscriber an email is to get them to take a specific action in relation to your business. If you load your email with boring, bland copy that says nothing to the reader, then you might as well not have sent it.

If you’ve not been taking advantage of email as an effective means to talk to your potential customers, now’s the time to do so. With our help, you can send the kind of email newsletters that have your subscribers looking forward to hearing from you.

If you hire us to provide you newsletter services, we’ll do the following;

  1. Analyse your previous email and existing open and click through rates
  2. Create a newsletter content template that works for your business and for the customers you want to talk.
  3. Create newsletter content bundles for your business. These newsletters will then be deployed according to a preset schedule.

You can order newsletter content bundles for 2 weeks minimum.