If you’re now thinking to yourself, ‘who are these guys and why do I need them?’, here’s your answer;

In addition to having very short attention spans, people who use the internet frequently do not like being ‘sold’ to. Furthermore, the web gives them the option to ignore, block or click away from brand messages they find repetitive, unappealing, irrelevant or *gasp* boring. For instance, most Youtube users, including you, regularly click away from those ads at the beginning of the videos.

And to make matters even worse, your online ads are constantly competing with tons of other more entertaining stuff for your customer’s already limited attention.

Regardless of how many online ads you pay for, if they aren’t compelling enough to catch your customer’s attention and make them clearly see the value your products offer, then nothing for you. If you like, buy Google Ads from now till next year.

Read our lips; your success or failure in selling your brand or product to an online audience will depend primarily on how compelling your marketing message is.

What kind of Marketing is Compelling?

The more you bombard your target audience with ads that proclaim how wonderful your product is, the more they tune you out because that message simply isn’t relevant to them. This process is called ‘Learned Blindness’. With the wrong kind of messaging, you actually train your potential customers to ignore ads from you whenever they’re online. Who knew?

Studies have proven that it’s far more beneficial to you to show and tell potential customers how useful your product is to them, in as many ways as possible. Instead of training them to ignore you, train them to see, in glorious, granular detail, how well your product can become a part of, and an improvement on, their lives. The more you can get them to visualize your product or brand seamlessly fitting into their lives, the more likely they are to buy it.

This is where Content Marketing comes in

Content marketing is the use of well-prepared media content like video, images, audio, articles and copywriting to attract and grow a willing audience for your product online. According to the Content Marketing Institute, in order for your content to be useful as a marketing tool, it has to pass 3 tests;

  1. It has to be valuable to the target audience.
  2. It has to be relevant to the target audience’s interests.
  3. And it has to be consistent in tone and quality.

And incidentally, we happen to be extremely good at developing this sort of content. Just ask these brands.

We really have worked with all sorts. Big businesses who want us to increase mindshare for their popular brands online. Small businesses who want us to introduce their amazing new products to a waiting online audience.

Regardless of size, we’ll work with you to discover what makes your product special from the customer’s point of view and then plan the best way to tell that story to these customers on the multiple platforms they use; videos, blogs, email newsletters, text messages and social media. The better your messaging is at speaking to customers in their own language and on their own platforms, the more business you’ll get.

Of course we don’t offer all kinds of services like some digital agencies claim to *eyeroll*. Our singular focus is helping you put out the kind of content that gets your online customers talking to you and, hopefully, buying from you. See the short list of the methods we use.

So What now?

Do you have any questions or concerns about your current digital marketing approach? Do you even have a digital marketing approach, sef? Send us your questions and we’ll give you our expert opinion on what you’re doing, free of charge.

No waste time. Send an email to Douglas in the space below and let’s start work on getting you a bigger online market for your business. Sharp sharp.

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